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Heather Harries Group

Business disrupter and innovator, the group has grown based on innovative thinking underwritten with old-fashioned values. The brand values are integrity, honesty, service, value and above all outstanding customer care.

In a world where people have become numbers, our customers are our strategic partners, and their success is our success.

The company has grown through horizontal integration from education, to consultancy, to human resource solutions, from the earliest interaction with our customers we recognize their value and we have always referred to human resources as human assets as we believe this is exactly what they are.

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World-class education at a click of a button

Our Education cluster has some of the best teachers supporting students in 3 different continents. Our network supports children from FS1 through to University with all their educational needs.

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Human Assets

A full service agency supporting your business from the inside.

Our Human Resources cluster specialises in ensuring you have the best team in place for your business to grow. A different approach to recruitment, which you will find so refreshing.

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Meet our team


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Business Development

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"Without people a business has no relevance"

Heather Harries - Founder

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Why businesses choose us?

We are a small team of professionals who take the time

to listen and understand your needs.

We put you at the centre of our work, and deliver

based on old-fashioned values.

We refer to our customers as partners and we invest

ourselves in helping your business grow.






Our Vision

Our vision is to change the recruitment industry by setting new standards for integrity, honesty and customer care.

To ensure all humans are assets to the organisation and make an active difference.

To change recruitment from a single-service agency approach to a multi-channel approach, through ensuring complete integration.


Email: James@harriesgroup.com

Telephone 04 267 2726